Man charged with attempted rape of 15-year-old girl arrested after failing to show up in court

SINGAPORE - The 21-year-old who skipped a court appearance on Monday (March 22) where he was supposed to plead guilty to sexual assault charges has been arrested.

Police said he was picked up on Tuesday, the same day they detained his friend, 21-year-old Oh Swee Hong, for allegedly harbouring him.

The fugitive is one of two men accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl when she became drunk after a game of Truth Or Dare.

His co-accused has already pleaded guilty to raping the girl.

The man faces one count of attempted rape and two counts of sexual assault by penetration.

The two men accused of sexual assault cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the victim’s identity.

The accused was 18 years old when he allegedly committed the offences on Oct 17, 2017, at the foot of a Housing Board block in Pasir Ris Street 51.

The court heard that the accused had gone missing on Monday after having breakfast with his father and lawyer. The court hearing was scheduled for 10am.

At around 9.10am, he complained of an upset stomach and left for the toilet.

He then could not be found, and also did not respond to phone calls and text messages.

A warrant of arrest was issued by the High Court the same day.

It has not been determined if the $30,000 bail his father posted for him will be forfeited.

The police on Wednesday said they are investigating the accused for additional offences.

Oh has been charged in court with harbouring an offender, which carries up to seven years’ jail and a fine.

The accused appeared in the High Court on Wednesday to determine whether he should be granted bail.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Winston Man told the court on Wednesday that the accused was arrested at Strand hotel in Bencoolen. 

The DPP asked the court not to grant bail, saying the accused is a flight risk who had breached bail conditions by not turning up in court earlier. 

He added that the prosecution is considering at least one further charge of perverting the course of justice because the accused had made plans to flee jurisdiction.

The case was adjourned for a pre-trial conference and the accused was remanded. His father was allowed to talk to him for 15 minutes.

The accused allegedly committed the offences when the girl became increasingly intoxicated as she played Truth Or Dare at the void deck with a group of friends.

When the group left the block, the girl had to be piggybacked, as she was too drunk to walk properly.

At about 4am, the two accused and the girl were separated from the others who had gone ahead.

While she rested on the ground, the two men tried to rouse her, and when she did not respond, they allegedly sexually violated her.