Man arrested after Monday morning standoff with police at Changi Airport Terminal 3

The man (circled) on top of a check-in counter in Changi Terminal 3 on April 25, 2016.
The man (circled) on top of a check-in counter in Changi Terminal 3 on April 25, 2016.PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS READER

SINGAPORE - A man created a scene at Changi Airport Terminal 3 on Monday morning (April 25), climbing to the roof of a check-in counter, and refusing to come down.

He also took his shirt off and waved an umbrella at officials who tried to talk to him, a report said.

An eyewitness tweeted at 9.06am: "There's some rando(m) nutter standing on top of a check-in counter at Changi airport and no one seems to care."

From photos posted on Twitter, he was shoeless, and wore a striped shirt and jeans at first.

In another photo, he was seen holding an umbrella, and was standing between two cardboard boxes.

"He's starting to build a little fort now," tweeted the eyewitness.

A Changi Airport Group spokesman said that the airport police was alerted to the situation at about 9am.

"To prevent the passenger from injuring himself should he jump from Level 2 down to the Arrival Immigration Hall below, an airbag was deployed," the spokesman said.

The passenger climbed down from the counter at about 10.20am and was taken into police custody, he added.

Traveller Ms Cai, 35, told Shin Min Daily News that she saw him standing there at about 10am in the morning.

"I don't know how he got up there, he was standing three or four metres above the ground, and took off his shirt when agitated," she said.

Some officials climbed up to talk to him but he waved his umbrella at them, Shin Min said.

It is understood that he thought he was being sent to Dubai for a work trip, but was in fact being sent back to Vietnam.

He finally climbed down by himself, ending the standoff.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it received a call at 10am in the morning about the incident at the airport. It sent a fire engine, a red rhino, two fire bikes, an ambulance and two support vehicles.

A man had been apprehended prior to their arrival, and no assistance was required, SCDF added.

Police said it received a call for assistance at 8.57am. A 32-year-old man was deemed to be of "unsound mind" and arrested.

Police investigations are ongoing.

A Changi Airport Group spokesman told The Straits Times that there were no disruptions to airport operations during the incident.

The spokesman said that the man is currently in the custody of the police.