M1 to offer 4G voice calls on more advanced network

SINGAPORE - M1 customers on 4G plans will now be able to make 4G voice calls on an advanced network at no additional charge.

M1 is now offering 4G voice calls on its LTE-Advanced network for the first time. Previously, its 4G voice calls were made on a 3G network.

The 4G calls will connect faster and be of better quality as the LTE-Advanced network allows download speeds of up to 300Mbps nationwide, it said in a release today.

M1 added that 4G voice will deliver "uninterrupted conversation" to customers.

The introduction of the new feature followed a period of testing, said M1's chief operating officer Patrick Scodeller.

He said: "We are sure our customers will appreciate the enhanced voice call quality and the ease of use of the feature."

M1 customers may need to update their phone software to enable the feature. The telco added that it is working with handset vendors to ensure upcoming handsets come with the feature enabled.

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