Live Your Dream (Ep 6): The World is Our Stage

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Dance group The Debutante dreams of making it on the world stage. But with no sponsors, the group not only has to pay for their own costumes and makeup but also their expenses when they travel overseas for competitions.

SINGAPORE - "Dance is a conversation between body and soul" is the life motto for dance group "The Debutante".

Since young, dancing has been life for all 5 members of the group.

Suzanne, Angelene, Jocelyn and Chelsea have been friends since primary school. Through dance classes, they met Krisha and the quintet eventually started performing as a group three years ago.

At that point in time, the girls were maturing into adulthood, and this inspired them to officially debut as a group.

Trained in classical ballet, they have since ventured into other dance styles before creating The Debutante's unique style of sophisticated femininity infused with girl's hip hop.

To them, dancing is more than just a hobby; it is their life, their passion and their dream. They crave to show the world The Debutante's style and gain recognition.

To achieve that despite busy work schedules, the quintet often practises till the wee hours of the morning.

The Challenge

Representing Singapore and participating in international dance competitions has never been an easy task.

To make matters worse, The Debutante has no sponsors. This means that the member must bear every cost, including the renting of studios and the purchasing of costumes and stage make-up, which all adds up to an exorbitant amount.

Families and friends often express their concerns with them taking the road less travelled. Dancing does not promise monetary returns, and the financial burden makes the girls worry if they can carry on.

That is why the results of the upcoming United Dance Organization (UDO) dance competition will decide the future of The Debutante.

The Dream

"Dance like nobody's watching" is commonly used as an expression to symbolise the passion for dance. However, for The Debutante's case, it is the literal reflection of their desperate situation.

Representing Singapore in the upcoming UDO dance competition, the girls have to practice more frequently to ensure that every move is on point.

When Host Ken Low visited the girls at one of their "rehearsals", he found them dancing along the underground walkway inside a local university while putting up with stares from passers-by. Their mirror? The glass reflection from closed shops.

Racing against time and financially strained, The Debutante has no other choice but to make do with practising on the streets.

Ken decided to lend a helping hand by sourcing for sponsorships and a fully-equipped dance studio so that the girls can train with peace of mind and unleash their full potential at the competition.

It has not been a smooth-sailing journey for both the girls and the production team. At the end of their preparation, Ken arranged a tear-jerking surprise for the girls before they set sail for Melbourne to dance their hearts out.

Did the girls live up to everyone's expectations and win the competition? What is the fate of The Debutante? Watch the video to find out.

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