Kiss 92 fans join convoy for chance to win Samsung S9+ phone

Last Saturday afternoon, a convoy of 18 cars left the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) News Centre, each bearing bright pink-and-purple flags and decals printed with Kiss 92 and Samsung logos.

The motorcade's first stop was Clarke Quay. In the next four hours, the convoy made its way to three other iconic locations: the National Gallery, Gardens by the Bay and Marina Barrage.

Leading the first Kiss 92 x Samsung S9 After Dark Convoy were Kiss 92 deejays Maddy Barber, Jason Johnson and Arnold Gay. Accompanying them were selected Kiss listeners who had won $150 in petrol vouchers, a $50 Cash Card, Samsung goodies and a chance to test the Galaxy S9's camera phone in a picture-taking competition.

The group consisted of fans mostly in their 20s to 30s and included singles, couples and young families.

At each stop, participants were given 15 minutes to take their most creative photos of the landmarks. They had to post one from each location on their social media pages with the hashtags #samsungs9afterdark and #samsungs9kiss92.

The winning entry at each location will receive a Samsung S9+. The results, to be judged by Samsung, have yet to be released.

Mr Tay Li Chuan, 33, a manager who participated with his girlfriend, initially thought the time given was restrictive, but quickly adapted. "It actually forces you to take whatever you see rather than try and create a photo," he said.

His favourite location was the National Gallery, not least because the outdoor shoots were hampered by rain. "Marina Barrage and Gardens by the Bay are pretty standard; (the Gallery) has more variation, more places to snap a photo."

The Note 8 user, who had entered the contest for fun, enjoyed the afternoon and appreciated the "different flavours" of the locations as well as the S9 demonstration that helped non-Android users get up to scratch.

"Definitely one of the most fun events we've ever done!" exclaimed deejay Maddy Barber.

Several cheerful behind-the-scenes pictures and selfies posted on Facebook were testimony to the fun the participants had.

"It was excitement from beginning to end, and lots of wonderful pictures to show for," the deejay added.

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