Restaurant service staff learn digital skills to take on new roles after job redesign

Madam Chong Nyok Mooi, 56, a service crew at Gochi-So Shukodo.
Madam Chong Nyok Mooi, 56, a service crew at Gochi-So Shukodo.ST PHOTO: TIMOTHY DAVID

SINGAPORE - Restaurant service staff usually have just one responsibility, be it cook or cashier, but the workers at Eurasia F&B have myriad roles.

Take Madam Chong Nyok Mooi at pork eatery Gochi-So Shokudo at Westgate in Jurong.

Madam Chong, 56, works in the kitchen doing basic food preparation while also filling customer service roles, such as ensuring patrons scan their tokens or their Trace Together apps when entering the restaurant.

She joined the staff in 2019 and went for training last year under the first iteration of the job redesign and reskilling programme for the food services sector.

This encompassed three months of on-the-job training, which involved learning digital skills such as how to use QR codes, scan tokens and accept digital payments like PayNow.

Madam Chong, who has two adult children, said in Mandarin: "It was initially difficult because of the language. It was all in English. At home, when I need something digital set up for me, my son would do it for me."

She even reaped a pay increment of 7 per cent given that her job had become more complex and value-added.

She added: "I know I have to keep learning. We have to learn as long as we live. I think it keeps me more lively and active when I work and learn."

Eurasia chief executive Kelvin Ong said: "Job redesign is one of the key strategies that we are looking at to keep ourselves productive and efficient. It is a key component of remaining competitive."

He added that most food preparation is done in the factory so that staff at the outlets can focus on serving customers rather than spending their time slicing pork and cutting cabbage, which are done by machines.

The firm has 14 outlets, with 10 opened since last August.

Mr Ong plans to send 50 staff for the new iteration of the job redesign and reskilling programme this year.