Jetstar flight to Singapore diverted to Darwin because of faulty flight instrument

Jetstar's Airbus SAS A320 aircraft in a hangar.
Jetstar's Airbus SAS A320 aircraft in a hangar.PHOTO: BLOOMBERG

SINGAPORE - A Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Singapore was diverted to another Australian city, Darwin, as a precaution on Monday (Dec 22) afternoon, after the pilot noticed that one of the flight instruments was faulty following some turbulence.

Flight JQ7 had left Melbourne at around 12.30pm, and landed at Darwin International Airport 51/2 hours later.

A Jetstar spokesman said the captain opted to return to Darwin as a precaution after he noticed a technical fault with one of the instruments on the flight deck following some turbulence over the Timor Sea.

"Engineers will inspect it this evening before clearing it for service," the spokesman said, without specifying which was the faulty instrument.

Jetstar added that passengers will continue their journey to Singapore on Tuesday morning.

Passengers on board the plane reportedly found out that something was awry only when they noticed the plane heading back towards Australia.

According to ABC News, several travellers were unhappy with the decision to return.

"No one really told us what was going on. The turbulence wasn't that bad. I thought we could have kept going through it," said one passenger.

"We are meant to be in Singapore right now, but we are stuck in Darwin."

The plane will remain in Darwin until Tuesday morning.

Those on the return flight from Singapore to Melbourne will be travelling on alternative services, Jetstar said. The plane was due to depart Changi Airport for Melbourne at 8pm on Monday evening.

Said the spokesman: "We are currently arranging alternative flights from Singapore to Melbourne for affected passengers."