IPPT standards more stringent to push fit servicemen to ace fitness test

SINGAPORE - Further changes have been made to the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) to push fit servicemen to ace the military fitness test.

The latest round of tweaks follow a three-month trial of the new IPPT, which showed that while most improved on their previous performances in the current test, more than a quarter of them also did not clock faster runs.

The revised IPPT standards, which kick in from April 1, will mean that servicemen have to run faster and collect more points in order to get silver and gold awards to qualify for cash incentives.

The new IPPT will replace the current five-station physical fitness test of chin-ups, sit-ups, standing broad jump, 4x10m shuttle and a 2.4km run.

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The 4x10m shuttle run, standing broad jump and chin-up stations will be scrapped, as part of moves to make the IPPT less painful for NSmen, especially those who failed it and were sent for remedial training.

About 5,000 people, including regulars and operationally-ready national servicemen (NSmen), went through the new IPPT trials.


Colonel Ng Ying Thong, assistant chief of general staff (training), said 88 per cent did more, if not as many, sit-ups while 73 per cent ran faster or maintained their timings during the 2.4km runs.

Of the 27 per cent who clocked slower timings in the 2.4km run, the bulk were those who bagged silver and gold awards.

Colonel Ng said the latest tweaks will "stretch fitter servicemen to do better" while at the same time not discouraging the majority of servicemen to train and pass the IPPT.

Under more stringent standards, a 34-year-old serviceman will have to do 35 sit-ups and the same number of push-ups within a minute, and clock a maximum of 10min 20sec in the run in order to get gold.

During the trials, they had to do 35 sit-ups and the same number of push-ups within a minute, and finish the 2.4km run within 10min 41sec.


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