Indonesian maid falls from Simei HDB block while 'cleaning windows'

In videos that have been circulating on Facebook, the woman could be seen being held by her arm by a man inside a second-storey unit. She was seen in another video clip lying at the foot of the block. PHOTOS: FACEBOOK/GRACE MAYZON

SINGAPORE - A 27-year-old Indonesian maid fell from a third-floor Housing Board flat in Simei on Thursday (April 26) in an incident that has since gone viral on social media.

The maid was believed to be cleaning the windows while standing on a ledge at Block 233 Simei Street 4 at about 11.30am.

In videos that have been circulating on Facebook since Thursday, the woman could be seen being held by her arm by a man inside a second-storey unit.

The woman was seen in another video clip lying at the foot of the block, as residents call for emergency help.

The video was taken by a maid from another unit on the second floor, who gave her name as Ms Grace Mayzon.

"I was hanging clothes when I saw one leg dangling from upstairs," she told The Straits Times. "I went down to ask people to help her."

Ms Mayzon said the maid was hanging onto the bamboo laundry rack holders on the third floor but was slowly slipping.

After she fell to the second floor, the man from the second-storey unit tried to help her up from the window.

"He was struggling to hold onto her but could not hold on and her clothes slipped off," said Ms Mayzon.

The man from the second-floor flat, painting inspector Azman Jalil, 56, told ST that he saw a foot at the edge of the window. He looked out and saw a woman standing on the top window ledge, he said.

He tried grabbing her legs, but she slipped, pulling him partly out of the window.

Mr Azman said that the woman's shirt came off while he was trying to pull her up and he ended up holding onto her by her hair.

As she fell to the ground floor, a man in a red shirt caught her torso while Ms Mayzon caught her legs.

The man in red sustained injuries to his back while catching the maid.

Police officers arrived soon after.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) told ST that it was alerted to a call for ambulance assistance at 11.26am.

SCDF took two people to Changi General Hospital. The hospital was alerted to be on standby to receive the injured maid. The man who broke her fall sustained minor injuries.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said the ministry "was informed by the police about a fall from height incident involving a foreign domestic worker (FDW) on April 26".

"Employers of FDWs are required to provide safe working conditions and ensure their FDWs perform their duties according to the safe work practices stipulated by MOM," said the spokesman.

Investigations are ongoing.

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