'Hundreds' of mice found in flat rescued and up for adoption

Mr Derrick Tan of Voices for Animals found hundreds of mice in a flat on April 22, 2017.
Mr Derrick Tan of Voices for Animals found hundreds of mice in a flat on April 22, 2017.PHOTO: FACEBOOK/DERRICK TAN

SINGAPORE - Mice rained down on animal activist Derrick Tan as he tried to rescue them from a home in Tampines on Saturday (April 22).

They fell on his head from the top of a cupboard as he tried to catch them, he told The Straits Times on Sunday.

A video that Mr Tan, founder of Voices for Animals, posted on Facebook showed dozens of mice scurrying out from under a cupboard as he and other volunteers moved it.

The pet owners, an elderly woman and her son, started with three fancy mice, a pet breed, a few years ago. But they ended up with innumerable little mice that are now in every room and crevice in the flat.

The mice had ample food and water, and were quite well provided for, he said. The owners have also made efforts to keep them in the house by putting up netting and closing the windows, he said.

Mr Tan and his team caught about 70, and are seeking homes for them. More than 10 have been adopted by Sunday afternoon, and they have about 50 left.

They have made sure that each adopter takes only mice of one gender so they do not breed, he said.

There were also 23 rabbits, which are now with Bunny Wonderland and the House Rabbit Society Singapore. They are also up for adoption.

There were four or five love birds in the house as well.

According to Mr Tan, pest controllers were due to check the Tampines flat on Monday.

Small animals multiply quickly, so pet owners should get animals of the same gender, he said.

Each female mouse can have five to 10 litters a year.

"They should not get a pair if they cannot handle them," he said, adding that pet owners should be properly educated before they buy or adopt animals.