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How to invest in today's property market with confidence despite cooling measures

A top investor shares his success formula to building wealth through property investment

Singapore's property investment landscape is constantly shifting.

Most recently, with the implementation of cooling measures by the government to keep prices from escalating, there is a 5 per cent increase in the Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) for those purchasing their second and subsequent residential property.

In addition, Loan-to-Value limits will also be tightened by 5 per cent. This means property buyers now have to pay a larger down payment, because the amount of money they can borrow from banks has been reduced by 5 per cent.

It may seem like these measures have put your dream of owning multiple properties out of reach or have caused more confusion, but that need not be the case.

Property investment is still one of the ways Singaporeans can generate passive income despite the current cooling measures, believes Dr Patrick Liew. PHOTO: DR PATRICK LIEW

Building your wealth through property investment

Property investment remains one of the ways Singaporeans can generate passive income and profits through leverage and capital gains.

According to the chairman of real estate investment firm GEX Global Assets, Dr Patrick Liew, it is important to gain the necessary knowledge from masterclasses or workshops which teach you to invest more intelligently.

He says: "Most people are not taught financial investment skills in their families, schools or workplaces but by learning how to invest wisely, everyone can eventually achieve financial freedom." ​

Dr Liew has been actively involved in property investment for more than 24 years. He holds a doctorate from the University of Southern California, and has presented at major international real estate conferences such as FIABCI National Association of Realtors and MIPIM.

He has won numerous awards including the Global Leader Award, Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award, and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Social Contributions.

Dr Liew holds a doctorate from the University of Southern California and is a regular speaker at real estate conferences. PHOTO: DR PATRICK LIEW

By applying an investment strategy - the MAPIC Blueprint - that he has developed, he is able to identify quality properties with high profit potential to invest in.

Those who follow this method can use even low starting capital to build their wealth.

Learn the secrets to property investing

During Dr Liew's popular and frequently oversubscribed MAPIC course, participants are taught how to look not only for capital gains, but also high rental yields of eight to 12 per cent.

Dr Liew's MAPIC course teaches participants how to identify quality properties with high profit potential to invest in. PHOTO: DR PATRICK LIEW

They will also pick up strategies on how to minimise risks and identify undervalued properties that will make good investments.

Dr Liew notes: "Many property investors invest with their hearts and not with their heads.

"I have specifically designed the MAPIC course so both astute investors and ordinary people can learn powerful investment strategies as well as take concrete and actionable steps to become wealthy."

The MAPIC course is designed for both ordinary people and astute investors to learn powerful investment strategies coupled with actionable next steps. PHOTO: DR PATRICK LIEW

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