PSLE results on Nov 24: How secondary school posting is done

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Earlier this year, the Ministry of Education announced changes to the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) scoring system and how it will be used for posting to secondary schools.

But the new system will take effect only in 2021. Until then, the old scoring system applies. Pupils go to the secondary school of their choice based on their aggregate score in the PSLE.

•First, pupils are ranked according to detailed aggregate scores that extend to decimal points. The No. 1 pupil is posted to the school at the top of his list of six choices. Likewise the second pupil and so on, until there are no more vacancies in the school. The pupil who fails to get his top choice will be posted to the next school on his list. If that school is also full, he will be sent to his third-choice school, and so on.

•Where there are two or more pupils with the same rounded aggregate score vying for the last place in a school, they will be posted based on their citizenship. Singaporeans get in first, followed by permanent residents and international pupils. If there is still a tie, between two Singaporeans for example, the one with the higher unrounded aggregate score will be posted to the school first. If the two have the same unrounded aggregate score, then posting will be determined by a computerised ballot.

•Pupils who fail to get a place in any of their choices of schools will be posted to one near their home that still has vacancies. But they must have met the school's lowest PSLE aggregate. Those still without a school will be posted to one in other postal districts that still has vacancies.

•If your child's school has an affiliated secondary school and he wants to go there, he must indicate it as his first choice. This gives him priority. But it does not guarantee admission; it is subject to the availability of places.

The secondary school posting results will be released on Dec 21.

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