Tengah BTO flats to pilot new building tech, shortening wait time to 3.3 years

The 2,077 units in Garden Waterfront I and II @ Tengah will have one of the shortest waiting times of three years and four months. PHOTO: HDB

SINGAPORE – Two upcoming Build-To-Order (BTO) projects in Tengah will pilot construction technologies such as 3D concrete printing to increase productivity and cut material wastage, and this may set the standards for future BTO developments.

The 2,077 units in Garden Waterfront I and II @ Tengah will have one of the shortest waiting times – three years and four months – in the BTO sales exercise on Wednesday, said the Housing Board on Monday.

A bumper crop of nearly 10,000 flats across 10 projects will be launched.

The shorter waiting time is because the construction technologies used at both Tengah sites are expected to yield a 25 per cent improvement in site productivity compared with other BTO projects, said the HDB.

The waiting time for buyers is reduced as more floor areas are completed with the same amount of labour.

“With the same available construction resources, higher productivity reduces construction time,” added the HDB.

The two projects in Tengah comprise 18 residential blocks ranging from nine to 16 storeys. They will house the full range of flat types, from rental to two-room flexi to five-room.

With the launch of Garden Waterfront I and II @ Tengah, almost 17,000 units will have been offered in Tengah since the first BTO project there in November 2018.

While there have been some pandemic-related delays, more than 70 per cent of these projects currently have a waiting time of four years or less, said the HDB.

Tengah, Singapore’s 24th HDB town, is billed as a “forest town” with a car-free town centre. At 700ha, it is around the size of Bishan and is estimated to provide 30,000 units of public housing and 12,000 units of private housing across five housing districts when it is completed.

Garden Waterfront I & II @ Tengah is part of the Construction Transformation Project, which kick-starts the HDB’s journey to improve overall site productivity by 40 per cent by 2030, up from the 25.9 per cent achieved in 2020.

For the two Tengah projects, the HDB is collaborating with construction company Obayashi Singapore to adopt technologies such as a hybrid precast system that allows flats to be designed without beams – a first in Singapore.

The beamless design will give residents greater flexibility in configuring the layout of their flats.

Artificial intelligence in tower crane operations will optimise hoisting routes for precast components, to reduce the manpower required for such repetitive and labour-intensive activities.

Landscape features within the two BTO projects will be done via 3D concrete printing, which uses a special fibre-glass reinforced concrete material to provide structural strength. This paves the way for larger and more complex structures to be potentially fabricated in this manner without the need for complex moulds, said the HDB.

Located in the town’s Garden district, Garden Waterfront I & II @ Tengah will sit next to Promenade Park, which lines the northern edge of the 14ha Tengah Pond.

Tengah Pond is a man-made pond that serves to retain storm water for the southern part of the town. There, residents will have access to nature play gardens, fitness facilities and lookout decks.

The projects will be next to the upcoming Hong Kah MRT station on the Jurong Region Line. To encourage green commuting, a 16m-wide car-free garden corridor will run parallel to the MRT tracks.

An artist impression of Garden Waterfront I and II along Tengah Pond. PHOTO: HDB

A garden farmway, which has a 1,000 sq m community garden space, childcare centres and naturally landscaped rain gardens, runs through the two projects.

It will link both projects to the car-free town centre and a 20ha central park.

The housing blocks will be fitted with a pneumatic waste conveyance system and rooftop solar panels that generate energy to power common services such as lifts and corridor lighting.

Residents can also subscribe to a centralised cooling system offered by SP Group, which offers up to 30 per cent cost savings compared with conventional air-conditioning systems.

On Wednesday, the HDB will launch around 9,500 BTO flats across 10 projects in Queenstown, Kallang/Whampoa, Bukit Batok, Tengah and Yishun. Of these, three projects – two in Queenstown and one in Kallang/Whampoa – will come under the prime location public housing model.

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