Mediation helped ease the worst of noise for Aljunied HDB resident

Alex Sim said he had dealt with loud pounding noises since November 2020 when his neighbour's tenants moved in. ST PHOTO: FELINE LIM

SINGAPORE - When asking his neighbours to stop their excessive noise did not work for Mr Alex Sim, he took the case to the Community Mediation Centre (CMC).

Mr Sim, 42, a freelance fitness trainer, said he had dealt with loud pounding noises like the knocking or dropping of heavy objects since November 2020 when his neighbour's tenants moved in.

"I talked to my neighbour at least eight times before I could not take it anymore and finally decided to apply for mediation last December," he told The Straits Times.

According to him, the noises reduced by about 50 per cent after he went through a mediation session with his neighbour on Jan 22.

The noises, which he said occurred intermittently during the day and often lasted past 3am, had disrupted his sleep, making him easily agitated and unable to focus during the day.

"I felt so frustrated each time I get woken up at night, and also helpless as talking to my neighbour did not help and the police can only advise my neighbour to stop," he said.

During mediation, Mr Sim said his neighbour confessed to some of the noise that he and his tenants had made, which he initially denied, and promised to be more conscious about it.

Mr Sim, who lives in a Housing Board flat in Aljunied, still keeps CCTV recordings daily in case he might need evidence to take the case to the Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals (CDRT).

"While the noise has improved for now, I don't know if it will return to the same levels. I occasionally still hear the noises at 3am," said Mr Sim.

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