First batch of flats in Tengah's Garden district to go on sale

Garden is the second of five districts planned for the Tengah estate and will contain an estimated 6,500 new flats when it is completed. PHOTO: HDB

SINGAPORE - Nearly 2,200 flats in the upcoming "forest town" of Tengah will be up for grabs when two housing projects in the estate are launched later this month.

One is a 990-unit project called Garden Vale @ Tengah, the first batch of flats to go on sale in Tengah's new Garden district.

The other is the 1,190-unit Plantation Acres project in the Plantation district, located opposite the Plantation Grove project which was launched last November.

Both projects are situated near where an MRT station on the Jurong Region Line is projected to open in 2027.

The units make up the second tranche of flats to be launched in Tengah and are among an estimated 15,000 new Build-to-Order (BTO) flats to be launched this year.

Garden is the second of five districts planned for the Tengah estate and will contain an estimated 6,500 new flats when it is completed, the Housing Board announced on Monday (May 20). It will occupy an area of 80ha, about the size of the Botanic Gardens.

The other three districts will be named Park, Brickland and Forest Hill.

Like the Plantation district, the Garden district will feature a "farmway" that will serve as a recreational corridor and link the housing precincts in the district to each other.

The 900m by 40m green stretch will be lined with recreational, social and communal facilities on both sides.

The HDB has set aside 3,000 sqm of space for community and allotment gardening within it, in addition to the community gardens within the individual housing projects.

"Residents will be able enjoy farm-to-table dining as they grow their own produce and share the fruits of their harvest," the HDB said.

It added that gardening activities will help residents connect with each other and "bring back the kampung spirit".

Various flowering plants, including the pink trumpet tree, cempaka and golden gardenia, will add colour to the farmway and attract birds and butterflies.

"At key entry points along Garden district, luxuriant green markers will further strengthen the identity of the district," it added.

"These markers include botanical arbours, framed with flowering creepers to provide shade and visual respite from the urban landscape while attracting birds and butterflies with their nectar."

The farmway opens up to Tengah Pond on one end and the future Central Park, which will flank the district's west side, on the other.

It will feature six themed playgrounds with play equipment inspired by tree houses, common garden insects and other nature motifs.

All roads in the district will feature 2m-wide cycling paths and 1.5m-wide pedestrian paths to encourage cycling and walking, the HDB said, in line with plans to make Tengah a car-lite town.

Tengah is Singapore's first new town since Punggol was built more than 20 years ago and will be roughly the same size as Bishan.

Previously used as a military training ground, it will take about 20 years to develop fully and will house an estimated 42,000 flats in total.

Further details about the new launches will be revealed later this month.

According to the HDB website, over 5,000 hopefuls applied for the 1,620-unit Plantation Grove project in the BTO exercise in November.

Correction note: In an earlier version of the story, we said the farmway will measure 900m by 400m. It should be 900m by 40m. We are sorry for the error.

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