askST: As a divorcee with no income, should I opt for a Build To Order or a resale flat?

Reader Jacqueline Goh wrote in to askST: "I am a divorcee and a housewife with two children aged 17 and 20. I have never owned a HDB home before, and the matrimonial home - a condominium unit - will be sold soon. For someone like me, who has no income, what options do I have? Should I get a Build To Order or resale?"

Housing and political reporter Rachel Au-Yong finds out.

The quickest way to get a new home is to turn to the resale market.

There is a wide range of resale flats in the open market, which are ready for immediate occupation. But one must sell her private property within six months of buying the resale flat.

Alternatively, Madam Goh might want to purchase a Build To Order flat.

However, she would have to wait 30 months from the sale of the private property before she can apply.

"Including the time needed for the construction of the BTO flats, she would need to wait several years before the flat is ready for occupation," said the HDB.

For other eligible divorcees, the HDB helps them own a home again with the Assistance Scheme for Second-Timers.

Under this scheme, some two-room flexi and three-room flats in non-mature estates are set aside for divorced or widowed parents with children below 16 years old.

For more advice on their housing options, readers may contactthe HDB at 1800 8663066.