Hotter days to come: Tips on how to beat the heat

A woman reacts to the hot weather.
A woman reacts to the hot weather.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - The rest of April is likely to have hotter and wetter days, based on a forecast from the National Environment Agency. Temperatures are expected to reach up to 34 deg C over the next two weeks.

Here are some tips to help you keep cool:

1. Wear lightweight fabric

It is not just about how much you wear, but what you wear. Lightweight fabrics such as cotton are ideal in hot weather instead of polyester, which can get very warm. Natural materials such as linen and cotton allow your skin to breathe and facilitate the evaporation of sweat.

2. Drink lots of fluid

Keep hydrated and listen to what your body is telling you. The symptoms of heat stroke are thirst, profuse sweating, giddiness and nausea. But people tend to dismiss these as minor discomforts and may not realise they are getting a heat stroke until their condition worsens, say doctors.

During last year's dry spell in February, sellers of beverages believed to be "cooling" in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), such as herbal tea, reported a spike in business. Drink some oldenlandia water - known as bai hua she she cao in Chinese - which is supposed to have a cooling effect.

3. Avoid 'heaty' food

Keep off food believed to be "heaty" in TCM, such as curry and chocolate, and go for those with a high water content instead. Cucumber, bitter gourd and agar-agar, for example, are well known for their cooling properties.

4. Exercise in a cool environment

Take to the air-conditioned gym for your exercise fix, where you can burn calories in relative comfort. If you still prefer exercising outdoors, try doing later than usual - when the temperature has dipped - or go for a swim instead.

See our graphic on how Singapore will be hotter and wetter here.