Home Briefs: 5 arrested in 1.4kg heroin bust

5 arrested in 1.4kg heroin bust

A 72-year-old stateless man was arrested on Tuesday for suspected drug trafficking after 845g of heroin was found on him.

The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) said yesterday that four other people - two Malaysians, a Singaporean man and a woman whose foreign nationality was not stated - were also arrested in the drug bust.

CNB said that the total of 1,355g of heroin seized in the operation could feed the addiction of about 645 abusers for a week. The drugs seized are estimated to be worth about $100,000 in street value.

Anyone found with more than 15g of diamorphine, or pure heroin, could face the death penalty.

Recall of Troligtvis travel mugs

Ikea is recalling its Troligtvis travel mugs marked "Made in India" after tests showed that a compound used in making the cups could leach into the liquids held in them.

The Swedish retailer said yesterday it had earlier stopped the sale of the reusable mugs when it found that dibuthyl phthalate, a chemical commonly used to make plastics soft and flexible, was used in manufacturing the mugs.

Some concerns have been raised about phthalates causing damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system.

Ikea said it would provide full refunds for mugs returned to any of its stores. No proof of purchase is required.

Apologising for any inconvenience caused, it added: "Ikea takes product safety very seriously."

MOF's Budget Quiz returns for 10th year

The Ministry of Finance's Budget Quiz returned for its 10th year yesterday.

The quiz tests Singaporeans on their knowledge of the Government's financial policies, posing questions like what the Government's three largest sources of revenue are, and which area of spending has increased the most in dollar terms since financial year 2007.

The quiz is available on the Singapore Budget website until Feb 4, ahead of this year's Budget Statement on Feb 18.

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