Heavy rain causes flash floods in central, western Singapore

SINGAPORE - Heavy rain caused flash floods in three reported locations in central and western parts of Singapore on Tuesday morning (June 26), due to intense rain.

The locations included Jalan Kismis, Toh Tuck Avenue and along the Pan-Island Expressway towards Tuas, after the Eng Neo Road exit, said national water agency PUB in a statement on Tuesday evening. 

PUB officers were immediately deployed to the flooded locations, where they investigated and rendered assistance. 

By 12.20pm, floods at all three locations subsided, said PUB. 

The heaviest rainfall was recorded at Old Toh Tuck Road, with about 150mm of rain over four hours - more than the average rainfall of 130.7mm recorded in the entire month of June, said the agency. 

PUB had tweeted at about 9am that there were flash floods in Toh Tuck Avenue, though vehicles were still able to pass through. The flash floods subsided at about 10.50am.

An hour later, PUB added that there were flash floods along the Pan-Island Expressway, in the direction of Tuas, after the Eng Neo Road exit. Motorists were advised to avoid the first lane of the expressway.

Flash floods on the PIE subsided at about 10.45am, but returned at about 11.40am. The flash floods later subsided at 12.20pm.

A video uploaded on YouTube on Tuesday morning shows vehicles passing through the flash floods in Toh Tuck Avenue, near the PIE.

A motorcyclist and his pillion rider could be seen wading through the waters while pushing their bike.

Over at the Orchard area, a high flood risk was reported near The Regent Singapore and Tanglin Mall at about 10am, with water levels rising above 90 per cent.

PUB said in a subsequent tweet at 10.16am that water levels have fallen.

The area near Sime Darby Centre in Bukit Timah Road also saw a high flood risk of 100 per cent at 12.27am. Water levels fell after about 10 minutes.

Heavy rain was expected over southern, western and central Singapore in the morning.

At 11.50am, the highest rainfall level recorded across Singapore on Tuesday was in the Clementi area, which had 25.6mm of rainfall in the past 30 minutes.

Singapore is currently experiencing the south-west monsoon period. The second half of June is expected to be wetter than the first half, and overall rainfall for the month is likely to be above average for most parts of Singapore, said PUB in its statement. 

"We urge the public to exercise caution and avoid stepping into or driving into flooded areas. During heavy rain, the public should stay tuned to radio broadcast and check PUB's Facebook page or mobile app MyWaters for flood updates," the agency said.