Zika: Four new cases of infections found as of Monday

SINGAPORE - There were four new cases of Zika infections as of noon on Monday (Sept 12), bringing the total number to 333 since the first locally transmitted case was found last month.

The authorities provided this updated figure on the National Environment Agency's (NEA) website late Monday night.

The number of clusters remain unchanged at seven with the bulk of the cases in the Aljunied cluster, at 269, of which 101 emerged in the last two weeks.

The second-biggest is the Elite Terrace cluster, with seven cases.

As of Sunday, there were eight pregnant women confirmed to have the mosquito-borne virus.

Zika infections during pregnancy have been linked to a higher chance of babies being born with microcephaly, a severe birth defect in which the head and brain of the child are undersized.

The pregnant women's doctors are following up closely with them to provide support and counselling.

At least three outreach events were held on Sunday to raise awareness about the virus, with much of the efforts focused on preventing mosquito-breeding in homes.

Two-thirds of mosquito-breeding sites are found in homes, while the rest are in common areas and construction sites.

NEA chairman Liak Teng Lit told The Straits Times on Sunday that fogging alone has "limited use" and "cannot stop this problem".

Mr Liak had said on Sunday (Sept11): "If you breed mosquitoes, you create big problems for your neighbours. Even support from 99 per cent of the residents is not good enough. We need 100 per cent support."

As of Monday (Sept 12), the authorities will issue daily Zika updates on NEA's website at www.nea.gov.sg/zika-clusters