What's Next: July 28, 2015

New findings on heart disease

Coronary artery disease affects Asians earlier and more severely than it does Western European populations, a local study has found. In particular, Malay and Indian patients had the earliest onset and the most severe disease despite being diagnosed younger, a joint study by the National University of Singapore and a Dutch university in Utrecht showed. Detailed findings will be released today.

Landmark birthday for panda

Jia Jia turns 37 today in Hong Kong, becoming the world's oldest panda in captivity. Birthday celebrations are being planned at Ocean Park for the female panda, whose age is said to put it on a par with a human centenarian. Jia Jia's caregivers say it is in great condition. The previous Guinness World Record title for the world's oldest panda belonged to Du Du. It died at 36 at the Wuhan Zoo in 1999. The average lifespan of giant pandas in captivity is 30 years.

Fed meeting on interest rates

The US Federal Reserve is holding a two-day meeting on interest rates, starting today, to consider when to tighten monetary policy for the first time since 2006. Earlier this month, Fed chief Janet Yellen stoked expectations of a rate hike by saying that such a move could be on the cards this year. Analysts believe no decision will be made at this week's meeting, but do not rule out a hike when the Federal Open Market Committee meets in September.

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