What's News: July 10, 2015

HDB flats in Sengkang estate.
HDB flats in Sengkang estate. PHOTO: ST FILE


Help with IP premiums

Thousands will be able to use more of their Medisave money to pay the premiums for their private integrated shield plans, with a new formula that allows higher withdrawal limits on Medisave funds. This will help defray the costs of plans on top of MediShield Life, which kicks in later this year.


HDB resale market perks up

HDB resale volume rose to its highesat level in two years last month, in yet another sign of a market recovery.

Resale prices also inched up by 0.1 per cent last month, after rising by 0.2 per cent in April and staying flat in May.


Cyber-security fears in China


Rights groups and netizens in China have expressed concern that a draft cyber security law, intended to "safeguard national cyberspace sovereignty", will further stifle expression on the Internet. It would empower the authorities to access records , block information dissemination and even cut Web access during emergencies.


Hurdle to trade deal removed

A potential barrier to the Trans-Pacific Partnership has been removed after the US upgraded Malaysia to Tier 2 on its human trafficking watchlist. It paves the way for fast-tracked trade deals, something not possible under a Bill that barred such deals with the lowest ranking of Tier 3.


Warming Sino-Russian ties

Ties between Russia and China are set to get closer as their leaders met ahead of a Brics summit that began yesterday. President Vladimir Putin especially welcomed Mr Xi Jinping, as it was confirmed that he will visit China in September.


'Colour-blind' racism in US

America is caught in "colour-blind" racism, with many believing racism is over even as statistics show stark inequality between whites and blacks. US Bureau Chief Jeremy Au Yong discusses why race relations seem stuck in the past, in his Speaking of America column.


Funds for housing solutions

Good ideas are wanted for liveable housing in the future.

Two funding schemes - one multi-agency and one through the Building and Construction Authority - seek to underwrite innovative solutions to challenges facing planners.


IMF growth forecast cut again

The International Monetary Fund has cut its global growth outlook for the second time this year, citing a slowdown in emerging markets and setbacks to the US economy which will be hard to recoup, even as advanced economies recover. IMF is now forecasting 3.3 per cent global growth this year, down from its 3.5 per cent forecast in April.


Better marathon experience

Changes to the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore will make it a better running experience for all, said the organisers yesterday.

The 750m kids dash will be held on Dec 5, with the other adult categories a day later, to assist parents who are also running.

Singapore residents will also pay lower fees for all categories.


Fendi gets flak over fur


Italian luxury label Fendi made its haute couture debut with an "haute fourrure", or high fur collection, in Paris on Wednesday as a group of animal rights activists protested outside. It was the first fur-only extravaganza by a major design label during the Paris shows.


Ski on a treadmill


Urban Ski is an indoor snow sports centre that opens today at Millenia Walk where one can ski and snowboard down an "endless" slope. It is actually a 12.5m-long moving belt that allows continuous skiing at speeds up to 60kmh. Its surface looks like snow but is made of white synthetic turf. Lubricant is added to the surface to simulate real snow. D2

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