Traditional Korean remedy to help boost the family’s well-being

Korean red ginseng brand Cheong Kwan Jang has made the medicinal plant pleasant and easy to consume so it can fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle

Korean red ginseng brand Cheong Kwan Jang is modernising the traditional herb so that people of all ages can incorporate the health enhancing ingredient into their daily lives. PHOTO: CHEONG KWAN JANG
Korean red ginseng brand Cheong Kwan Jang is modernising the traditional herb so that people of all ages can incorporate the health enhancing ingredient into their daily lives. PHOTO: CHEONG KWAN JANG

The consumption of traditional herbs and tonics, such as those made with ginseng, has long been associated with hours of long, arduous prep work, and bitter, unpleasant flavours – enough to make even those in the pursuit of health and wellness think twice about it.

However, Cheong Kwan Jang wants to dispel this very notion. The Korean red ginseng brand under Korea Ginseng Corp has modernised the way people think about and consume ginseng. Besides incorporating the prized ingredient into a range of easy-to-consume, palatable products that come in convenient sachets, capsules, tablets and pouches, the brand has also tapped on the charms of Korean superstar actor Lee Min Ho as its global brand ambassador, who shared how red ginseng helps him stay energised whenever he feels fatigued from work.

Ms Serene Ong, marketing manager of Wing Joo Loong, the exclusive distributor for Cheong Kwan Jang in Singapore, shares, “Korean red ginseng has been consumed in Korea as a way to support health for more than a thousand years.”   

The particular red ginseng that Cheong Kwan Jang exclusively utilises is a six-year-old variety, which is said to be at its optimal maturity and efficacy levels. Ms Ong adds, “Mature six-year-old Korean ginseng roots also contain 1.4 to two times more active components than those that have been grown for four years. In addition, the process of steaming and air-drying fresh ginseng roots to turn them into the signature Korean red ginseng helps increase the amount of healthy active components, thereby elevating its health benefits.”

With the ongoing pandemic taking a mental and physical toll on everyone, more people are focusing on the need for self-care. Making room in your lifestyle for a supplement that supports health and immunity is one quick way to do just that. Here’s how a daily dose of Cheong Kwan Jang Korea Red Ginseng could help your body deal with the rigours of a busy, stressful lifestyle.

1. It’s known to counter stress and fatigue

Says Ms Ong, “As an adaptogen (plants that purport to help the body resist physical, chemical or biological stressors), Korean red ginseng is a herb that acts on stress and fatigue. It also assists with fatigue and helps support blood circulation.”

A common misconception about ginseng is that it is considered “heaty” in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Consuming it can help improve metabolism and blood circulation, which may leave a person feeling flushed or warmer than usual. This effect is due to the enhanced blood circulation, which increases skin temperature, but does not change the body's core temperature. Because of this effect, many people have a misconception that Korean red ginseng can cause body “heatiness”.

In fact, numerous studies, including one by Kyung Hee University in South Korea, have reported that consuming Korean red ginseng helps maintain normal body temperature.

Given that the climate and dietary habits of Singaporeans differ from Koreans, new users who are starting to take Korean red ginseng are not recommended to consume the full dosage at the beginning. When beginning a ginseng regime, start off with a half serving and slowly increase to full dosage as your body adapts to the effects of ginseng. Although side-effects are rare and uncommon, reduce dosage or stop usage if you are unsure.

2. It's convenient to match the right product to your lifestyle

With more than 40 types of supplements in various forms and price points, Cheong Kwan Jang makes it easy for wellness advocates to mix and match the products to fit lifestyle needs.

Conveniently packed Korean red ginseng tonics can help encourage kids to drink the supplement to enhance their health. PHOTO: CHEONG KWAN JANG

Pills, capsules and tablets that consist of Korean red ginseng extracts and other ingredients such as dietary fibre and grapeseed oil (for instance, the CKJ Korean Red Ginseng Extract Pill and Extract Capsule respectively) are suitable for those who are already accustomed to a daily supplement routine, while the powdered versions (like the CKJ Korean Red Ginseng Powder) are suitable for those who like starting off the day with a warm drink.

There’s even the CKJ Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime Balance which is lightly sweetened to suit the taste preference of new-to-ginseng extract users, and it comes in a convenient stick pack that you can toss into your bag for a midday boost. For those who prefer the ingredient as close to its unadulterated form as possible, pure extract products such as the CKJ Korean Red Ginseng Extract or Extract Everytime is the way to go.

3. It can meet your specific needs

For products that target more gender-specific needs, Ms Ong recommends the Hwa Ae Rak Jin (Women’s Balance) and Hong Cheon Woong Khan (Men’s Vitality Supplements) for women and men aged above 30 years respectively.  

The former claims to help with wellness, hormonal balance, blood flow and estrogen levels, and is particularly beneficial in alleviating menopausal symptoms too. The latter is formulated to help promote endurance and stamina, for greater vitality and health. It is especially suitable for men who want to regain vitality, especially during andropause.

The (from left) Hwa Ae Rak Jin (Women’s Balance) and Hong Cheon Woong Khan (Men’s Vitality Supplements) can help maintain specific needs of women's and men's health. PHOTO: CHEONG KWAN JANG

There’s also a variant for kids. Korean red ginseng is said to be able to help nurture their immune system and physical health, and the Cheong Kwan Jang Kid Tonic (Step 1 to 3) is lightly sweetened with jujube fruit extract, agave syrup, and pear juice concentrate to make it palatable for the young ones.

4. It has properties to help maintain health

In addition to the overall improvement to your sense of wellness, studies cited in the Journal of Ginseng Research and Japanese Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences have also found that Korean red ginseng can help with regulating blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

But like with any supplements, exercise caution if you have specific health problems. “Since Korean red ginseng has an inhibitory effect on platelet aggregation, be careful when taking it with antiplatelet or warfarin. Those who are currently on medications should consult their doctor first,” reminds Ms Ong. “Some of Cheong Kwan Jang’s products also contain sugar, and diabetic customers should check the nutritional table on the product labels before consumption.”

Cheong Kwan Jang Korean Red Ginseng products are available at all Wing Joo Loong and Cheong Kwan Jang stores, selected Guardian outlets and Guardian Online, as well as LazMall and Shopee.

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*This article provides general information only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult medical or healthcare professionals for advice on health-related matters.