PSA donates $1.5m to St Luke's Eldercare and launches new CSR initiative

SINGAPORE - Port group PSA signed a memorandum of understanding to donate $1.5 million to St Luke's ElderCare on Thursday. It also launched a new corporate social responsibility initiative, which is expected to cost up to $5 million over the next five years.

The $1.5 million will go towards setting up three new facilities: A new eldercare centre, a centre of innovation, and a training centre. St Luke's will provide PSA staff members with volunteer training and education about eldercare.

PSA also launched an initiative, called PSA Health@Home, in which its staff members will get time off work and transport allowance to volunteer with four groups: St Luke's ElderCare, HCA Hospice Care, National University Health System and Lions Befrienders.

To encourage volunteerism after retirement, PSA staff members will also receive a small allowance if they commit to volunteering regularly under the initiative after they retire.

This programme is expected to involve up to 500 staff members annually. Volunteers will be trained and may help in activities such as befriending at daycare centres or helping healthcare professionals when visiting patients in their homes.

HCA Hospice Care president Tan Poh Kiang said the demand for palliative care has been rising as the population ages. He said: "Volunteer support from corporate partners and the wider community is vital because it can provide simple assistance to our healthcare professionals as well as psychosocial support for the patients."