Managing your health and wealth needs in one app

Pulse by Prudential is part of the life insurer’s strategy to make healthcare affordable and accessible to all in Asia and Africa

Prudential Singapore’s CEO Dennis Tan says Pulse supports people in achieving their health and financial goals. PHOTO: PRUDENTIAL

Users of Prudential Singapore’s (Prudential) digital health and wellness app, Pulse by Prudential (Pulse), will be able to use it to determine their daily stress levels, emotional well-being, and general fitness levels. This health feature known as “My Pulse Daily” will be made available on Pulse for consumers in Singapore soon.

With a quick scan of their face using the Pulse app, users will be able to measure their vital signs, such as heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation levels. These measurements, which can be obtained instantly, can be used to determine their daily stress levels. 

The new feature, a result of Prudential’s partnership with Singapore-based Nervotec, a digital health company, will help people better manage and monitor their health and stress levels on a daily basis. 

Launched in Singapore in April 2020, Pulse is designed to help people prevent, postpone, and protect against the onset of diseases. It is available for download by Singapore residents aged 18 and above. Pulse is also part of Prudential’s strategy to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to all individuals and families throughout its markets in Asia and Africa.

Commenting on the importance of preventative healthcare, Prudential’s CEO Mr Dennis Tan says: “Singapore has an ageing population, and health-related expenses will be a growing burden. By being more aware of the importance of cultivating good dietary and other lifestyle habits, the more likely people will take action to improve their health, and the higher their chances of ageing well. With Pulse, we hope to empower Singaporeans to spend more years in good health.”

Singaporeans have one of the longest lifespans in the world, at 83.9 years. As Singaporeans live longer, it is important to stay healthy for longer, especially against the backdrop of an ageing population, rising healthcare costs, and inflation. These are the challenges that Prudential is looking to address - with Pulse. 

Other features on Pulse include Healthcheck, a lifestyle assessment and disease risk prediction tool; an AI-powered Symptom Checker that offers insights into possible health conditions based on the symptoms experienced; and a Video Consultation with a Doctor function that allows users to consult a doctor virtually. Users can then choose to have their medication delivered or pick it up from a Guardian pharmacy.  

While physical health has traditionally been the main focus, this has changed, especially with Covid-19 disrupting our lives, notes Mr Tan. 

“Improving one’s physical health and wellness outcomes is important, but mental and emotional health also needs care and consideration. This is even more crucial during this pandemic where more people have been reported to be tackling anxiety and depression. By making mental wellness tools and information easily available on our Pulse app, we hope to encourage more people to better manage their mental and emotional well-being.”   

The Mental Wellness feature on Pulse consists of three key components: a mood tracker, which encourages users to track their mood on a regular basis; self-awareness quizzes; and a library of curated content that presents strategies for users to deal with their mental wellness concerns. 

Bite-sized plans to boost insurance coverage 

Pulse also offers bite-sized insurance plans that provide coverage for dengue, cancer, and infectious diseases. Prudential’s Integrated Shield plan, PRUShield, is also available on Pulse. Pulse users have also enjoyed complimentary coverage for side effects arising from Covid-19 vaccinations with the PRUSafe COVIDCover feature, which was recently extended to include children and youth under 18.

“We have launched simpler and lower-cost insurance plans to meet the protection needs of Singaporeans over shorter periods of time. These are part of our continuous efforts to make healthcare services easily accessible and affordable for everyone,” says Mr Tan.

Financial planning made easy

Apart from healthcare services, Pulse is designed to help users with financial planning so that they can better meet their retirement goals. Singapore is the first Prudential market to launch wealth tools on Pulse, called Wealth@Pulse

“With Wealth@Pulse, we hope to enhance financial literacy and make it easier for everyone to get started on their financial planning journey. We want to encourage more people to start planning early so that they have a longer runway to build their nest egg and fund their extended retirement years. Being financially ready will help to cushion the impact of black swan events such as Covid-19 as well,” says Mr Tan. 

Some of the Wealth@Pulse tools include My Wealth Score, which helps users assess their financial health and set financial targets. Goal Setting allows users to set their financial goals, such as saving up for their children’s education or retirement. It helps to track how much monthly contributions are needed and how long it takes to achieve these goals. Ruby, an AI digital assistant, answers queries on financial planning and makes personalised recommendations. For more in-depth financial planning conversations, users can also connect with a Prudential financial consultant through the app. 

Serving SMEs

Pulse is designed not only for the individual, but also SMEs. Business@Pulse, a one-stop digital platform that will help business owners manage their employee and insurance benefits, will be launched soon. These SME owners and their employees will also enjoy access to Pulse’s myriad of health and wealth solutions, which will help them become healthier and more financially prepared for the future.

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