Is white sugar really bad for you? ST's new e-book busts food myths

Get the lowdown on this and other food myths in The Straits Times' latest e-book

We all love to eat but we do not always eat right.

Food myths abound and some people cling onto them even if they are not wise.

To make it worse, as new research reveals findings that sometimes defy conventional food wisdom, we can get more confused about healthy eating or, simply, eating right.

You could have recently sworn off white sugar after reading that it is bad for you.

To satisfy your sugar craving, you may have switched to brown sugar, thinking this is a healthier choice.

Or perhaps, you were the one who took up your family's advice to eat for two when you became pregnant - and ended up piling on 20kg.

If you have just undergone surgery, you may have been warned to stay off shellfish as it is "toxic" and will harm the body.

Some others refrain from eating or drinking before exercising because they are sure it will give them cramps or stitches.

Get the lowdown on these myths and more in The Straits Times' latest e-book, 50 Food Myths Busted.

The interactive e-book was conceptualised and written by the team at Mind & Body, the weekly health features section.

In it, you will find doctors and dietitians from both the public and private healthcare sectors giving their take on each myth.

They also provide tips on how best to address the issue at hand, be it weight loss, fighting illnesses or whether certain diets or eating habits should be avoided during pregnancy.

The e-book is available on The Straits Times Star E-books mobile app. It is free to download from the Apple App Store for iPad tablets, and from Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets.

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Joyce Teo

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