Home Briefs: GBS cases down

GBS cases down

Cases related to the Group B Streptococcus (GBS) bacteria have fallen since last month, said the Health Ministry yesterday. A weekly average of three cases was reported in the past three weeks, "similar to the baseline level before the outbreak", it said, compared with an average of 20 cases since the start of this year.

The decrease was seen after the National Environment Agency advised licensed foodshop and foodstall holders to stop the sales of raw-fish dishes that use the Asian Bighead Carp and Toman Snakehead fish.

AVA has investigated the entire food supply chain of these fishes. Although tests so far have not detected the same strain of GBS found in people, stalls are still advised to withhold sales of such raw-fish dishes for now.

Money-changer theft charge

Three men and a woman will be charged today with stealing a bag holding more than $120,000 from a money changer in Syed Alwi Road earlier this month, said police yesterday.

The suspects, aged 30 to 59, were arrested in Malaysia on Friday. With the help of local police there, the suspects were extradited to Singapore. More than $15,000 in different currencies were seized.

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