HealthHub launched: 7 things about the new online portal and app

The new online portal and app HealthHub allows Singaporeans and PRs to access their public health records and medical appointments online. ST PHOTO: SEAH KWANG PENG

SINGAPORE - With the launch of new online portal and app HealthHub, Singaporeans and permanent residents (PRs) can now access their public health records and medical appointments online.

The new service, an early release designed to gather user feedback, is available both on the web and via a mobile application.

Here's what you need to know about the new service:

1. How do I access it?

You can access the portal at You can also download the HealthHub mobile application via the Apple app store or Google Play store.

To access your medical records, you need to log in using your Singpass.

You can log in with your e-mail or via Facebook for other services such as earning Healthpoints. Users can earn Healthpoints, which can be converted to rewards such as NTUC LinkPoints, by sharing articles, events and apps on social media.

2. Why aren't my medical records all there?

The current system provides records only for the past six months.

Records include hospital discharge summaries, lab test results (chronic diseases), screening records and future medical appointments.

Parents can also add their children's health records. These include immunisation and dental records, as well as referral letters.

3. Where does the information come from?

The information in HealthHub is drawn from a few IT systems. They include the National Electronic Healthcare Record (NEHR) system, the School Health System, School Dental System and National Immunisation Registry.

4. What other features are available?

  • Articles on leading a healthy lifestyle, and healthcare trends;
  • Health and wellness deals that can be redeemed using mobile coupons;
  • Healthpoints, which users can earn by sharing articles, events and apps on social media. The points can be converted to rewards such as NTUC LinkPoints;
  • Directory of clinics, hospitals, sports facilities, parks and even healthier eateries.

5. Why are there fast food restaurants in the "healthier eateries" directory?

Quite a few of the outlets in the directory are drawn from the Healthier Dining Programe run by the Health Promotion Board.

The restaurants offer diners a choice of lower-calorie meals, or meals using healthier ingredients such as whole-grains and healthier cooking oil.

6. What features will be made available in the future?

HealthHub could add these features in future:

  • Push notifications for screenings, immunisation and other reminders;
  • Quizzes;
  • Medication reminders and information.

7. How do I give feedback?

The HealthHub portal and app are early releases and they are seeking feedback from users to improve their services.

You can find the feedback form at on the website. In the app, click on the information icon on the top right, and go to "Contact Us".

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