Health Check Podcast: Virologist Prof Wang Linfa offers hand hygiene tips to counter novel coronavirus threat

Singapore has participated in World Hand Hygiene Day before. Virologist Professor Wang Linfa speaks in our Health Check podcast and shares how good hand hygiene can help battle the spread of not just the novel coronavirus, but other viruses and diseases as well. PHOTO: ST FILE

Synopsis: In this fortnightly podcast series on Wednesdays, The Straits Times guides you to healthier living and clears up common misconceptions on health.

In this episode, ST correspondent Joyce Teo calls Professor Wang Linfa.

He is the director of the emerging infectious disease programme at Duke-NUS Medical School. He is also a virologist who was part of the World Health Organization Emergency Committee on the novel coronavirus outbreak.

We ask him the latest updates on the novel coronavirus, and what we can do to protect ourselves. Professor Wang tells us:

1. How to be aware and maintain hand hygiene when using lifts and public toilets, because contact transmission for the novel coronavirus is potent (1:17)

2. Droplet transmission threat for coronaviruses: What should you do to protect yourself better when using taxis or private hire cars for example? (4:23)

3. Is faecal transmission possible with the novel coronavirus? (6:35)

4. Tips for older people and those with existing conditions (7:19)

5. One good tip on using a ballpoint pen and its cap to press lift buttons and reduce your skin's exposure to possible coronaviruses (9:41)

Produced by: Joyce Teo and Ernest Luis

Edited by: Penelope Lee

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