Get rid of counter-top junk that duplicates tasks

I'm scrupulous about neat kitchen counter tops. They have to be left clear except for the things I use frequently.

So I only have a rice cooker, a juicer and a toaster on mine. The other stuff are stored in cupboards or drawers, except that these places are now bulging.

Looking through, I discovered lots of stuff that duplicate tasks. Why do I need five coffee drip strainers, in this day of coffee capsule machines? They have to go, as do the coffee filter papers.

I also don't need a sandwich toaster when I have a frying pan and a fish slice. Just put the cheese sandwich in the pan and press, using the fish slice till the cheese melts, then turn over. I can even grill cheese sandwiches in the toaster if I place it in a horizontal position.

Junk the salad spinner too. You just need paper towels to wrap the greens to place in a plastic bag to spin dry.

My principle now is, if I haven't used something in six months, I don't need it. I have given away my rolling pin that cuts pasta strips (never used), my Jamie Oliver spice shaker that breaks whole spices into powder (I use my mortar and pestle which is also good for sambal belacan) and electric tempura fryer and raclette pan (used only once).

I've resorted to roasting in the oven (air-frying, I guess they call it), putting an end to the oily mess that comes from deep-frying.

Indeed, I even forgot that I have an ice-cream maker sitting on a high shelf in my shoe cupboard.

I now make ice cream in a basin which I freeze and churn, using a fork during the commercials when watching TV.

Sylvia Tan

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