Further easing of Covid-19 measures in Singapore: What you need to know

The easing of Covid-19 restrictions starts from April. ST PHOTOS: ARIFFIN JAMAR, CHONG JUN LIANG, JASON QUAH, LIM YAOHUI

SINGAPORE - More employees can return to workplaces and larger-scale activities can take place from April as part of the easing of Covid-19 restrictions with the improved situation in Singapore.

Here is a look at what restrictions will be eased:

1. More employees can return to workplace (from April 5)


Up to 75 per cent of employees can be at the workplace at any one time, up from 50 per cent. The restriction on how long a worker spends at the workplace will be lifted.

Split-team arrangements are also no longer required. Social and recreational gatherings, such as team bonding events, will be allowed but must be limited to no more than eight people.

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2. More attendees for activities with pre-event Covid-19 testing (from April 24)

Marriage solemnisations

The limit will be increased from 100 to 250 attendees for the entire event, in zones of up to 50 attendees each. This number includes the wedding couple, but excludes the licensed solemniser and vendors.

Pre-event testing is not required if there are 100 or fewer attendees. If there are more than 100 attendees, only the bride and groom (if unvaccinated) will have to take pre-event tests.

Wedding receptions


Similarly, the limit for wedding receptions will be increased from 100 to 250 attendees in total (including the wedding couple, excluding vendors), in zones or time slots of up to 50 attendees each.

Due to the higher risk of infection with people unmasked while eating and in close and prolonged contact with one another, pre-event testing for all unvaccinated attendees will be required for receptions with more than 100 attendees, including the wedding couple.

Live performances

Live performances at designated venues can have up to 750 attendees if they implement pre-event testing, or up to 250 attendees without testing.

The National Arts Council will release updated guidelines on live performances later.

Pilot business-to-business events

Currently, business-to-business events being piloted can have up to 250 attendees, in zones of up to 50 attendees each.

With pre-event testing, these events will be allowed to have up to 750 attendees, in zones of up to 50 attendees each.

The Singapore Tourism Board will release an updated safe events framework and application details later.

Pilot spectator sports events

Sports events will be allowed to have up to 750 seated spectators with pre-event testing, or up to 250 spectators without testing.

SportSG will release further details on the pilot.

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3. Vaccinated individuals to get exemption from pre-event testing (from April 24)


People who have been fully vaccinated and have had time to develop sufficient protection will be exempted from pre-event testing.

This would be two weeks after an individual receives the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna Covid-19 vaccine.

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4. More people allowed to attend wakes and funerals (from April 24)

The number of people allowed to attend wakes and funerals at any one time will be raised from 30 to 50 on the day of the burial or cremation.

The limit for other days of the wake remains at 30. No pre-event testing is required for wakes and funerals, but attendees should maintain safe distancing and keep masks on at all times.

5. Social gatherings remain capped at groups of 8

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong, who co-chairs the task force to combat the Covid-19 outbreak, said any adjustment to this number has a very broad-based impact on social interactions, and would therefore result in the risk of transmission going up significantly.

He assured Singaporeans that the Government is reviewing the limit on social gatherings on a regular basis.

"When we are confident that it will not create problems with transmission, we will do the necessary adjustments and we will make the appropriate announcement at the right time," said Mr Gan.

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