Does pricier milk formula mean better nutrition for your child?

More Singaporeans are realising that you don't necessarily get what you pay for

Is it always true that the value of a product is directly linked to its price tag?

Following the rise of formula milk prices in 2017, the Government has called on consumers to opt for affordable milk brands. These, it says, are just as good in providing comprehensive nutrients for children.

According to a Straits Times article dated May 8 that year, all infant formula sold in Singapore regardless of their price meets Singapore's food regulations and nutritional needs for infants to grow healthily. 

It also stated that parents should not be misled into using price as a proxy for product quality, since cheaper options are no less nutritious.

Giving your child the best  

Such efforts led to consumers switching brands — and noticing the difference. Among them is couple Lee Chee Loong and Mdm Norasyikin Ja'afar, who are parents  to a two-year-old toddler son.

She says: "He was on another milk formula for a few months, but he would never finish his milk and my husband and I were stressed because he was not eating well. We turned to Dumex Dugro upon the recommendation of our relatives; we were impressed by the good reviews about it, and how it's been nourishing babies in Singapore for the past 60 years. We also appreciated that it was more affordable than other brands.

"To our delight, our son loved the taste and his appetite improved almost overnight. He's been drinking Dumex Dugro for about a month now, and growing well. We are relieved — it's a win-win situation."

Goodness for growth and development

Children require a wide variety of food to receive essential vitamins, minerals such as Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) for brain and eye development and calcium for strong bones and development. And so, each serving of Dumex Dugro is designed to contain what your child needs for overall growth and development.

For instance, one serving of Stage 3 Growing Up Milk Formula contains the equivalents of 71.7g of tofu for calcium, and about 7.1g of skipjack tuna for DHA. It also contains about the equivalent of 282.9g of boiled broccoli for iron.

Dumex Dugro formula milk, a Health Promotion Board Healthier Choice milk, is also sucrose-free,  and currently used in public hospitals.

In terms of pricing, here is a look at the market retail figures of Dumex Dugro Stage 3 Growing Up Milk Formula  and premium brands.

Says its country manager Vera Saw: "Danone Dumex is committed to bringing optimal nutrition to all Singaporeans mothers and children with different needs and affordability. We are embarking on a nutrition education campaign so that mothers will make a more informed choice when choosing a milk formula brand, and not just use price as a proxy.

"Danone Dumex supports the Government's initiatives to provide healthy nutrition to children. We are looking at collaborations to educate about how our products, including Dumex Dugro, offer the highest nutritional quality for your dollar."

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