Couple has two SG50 babies 10 months apart

Madam Lydiawati Ibrahim delivered Mohammad Rifly Asyraaf at 6.23pm on Monday.
Madam Lydiawati Ibrahim delivered Mohammad Rifly Asyraaf at 6.23pm on Monday.PHOTO: BERITA HARIAN

SINGAPORE - Singapore's Jubilee will always have a special meaning for Madam Lydiawati Ibrahim, 33. It brought her two SG50 babies.

Her son, Mohammad Rifly Asyraaf, was born at 6.23pm on Monday - just 10 months after his older sister A'lya Aamily Delisha.

The SG50 babies have an older sister, four-year-old A'lya Nayli Shazya.

"We never planned for the third baby. When I got to know that I was pregnant, I was a bit shocked. We just wanted to stop at two," said Madam Lydiawati, who is an admission officer at Gleneagles Hospital.

"At first we thought that this baby would be born next year. When the doctor informed us it's this year, I was very excited. "

Mother and son were discharged on Wednesday(Dec 9) and went home to their five-room flat in Sengkang with father Mohamad Ali, 38, an operations supervisor.

Madam Lydiawati said she was worried initially about expenses.

But, with the support of her husband, family and gynaecologist Lee Keen Whye, she decided to "take one step at a time and just carry on".

On Tuesday (Dec 8), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shared their story on Facebook, congratulating the family on their second Jubilee baby.

"Parenthood is hard work, but ultimately fulfilling and joyous. Remember to enjoy and treasure every special moment," he wrote .

To celebrate the occasion, Gleneagles Hospital gave Madam Lydiawati an upgrade to a single-room ward.

Dr Lee, who delivered all three of her children, said he could not recall anyone delivering twice in the same calendar year in his decades of work.

"She must be very fertile. This is God's gift that she got pregnant. I told her, Look, this is something a lot of people cannot get even if they want it."