Choosing health in a time of Covid-19, with HealthPass by OCBC

OCBC’s new healthcare app offers the largest panel of doctors available for telehealth services with a doctor for every need

No matter where you are, you can find the healthcare solution you need with HealthPass by OCBC.
No matter where you are, you can find the healthcare solution you need with HealthPass by OCBC.PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Scenario #1: While donating blood, a young woman is told that her blood pressure reading of 130/90 is high. She wonders if she should get it checked or if it is just a consequence of work stress.

Scenario #2: It is early morning and a new mum is worried about her infant daughter’s rash. She wonders if she should take time off work to get it checked or if the rash will go away on its own.

Scenario #3: A young man is worried about his elderly father who complained the previous day of feeling fatigued, yet was not being able to fall asleep. He Googles the symptoms and gets unnecessarily worried.

These are common scenarios people encounter, where access to a diagnosis and early detection can help reduce unnecessary anxiety and prevent aggravating any underlying conditions.

Choosing health

With HealthPass by OCBC, professional medical advice is only an app away.

Consult a doctor via video:

With the HealthPass app, the young woman in Scenario #1 can get a medical screening and consult a doctor via video on the screening results, so that she may take early steps to change her lifestyle.

Get medication delivered to your home:

The new mum in Scenario #2 can consult a doctor from home before she heads to work, assured that a medicinal rash cream suitable for infants is on its way to her home.

Over 63 specialist doctors from 21 specialities:

The young man in Scenario #3 can better understand what may be causing his father’s fatigue and take him to get the necessary diagnostic tests done with a specialist to identify any conditions early.

HealthPass by OCBC offers various channels for you to access the healthcare that you need, whether it's arranging a video consultation with a doctor or scheduling an in-person appointment. PHOTO: OCBC

A doctor a tap away

Telehealth platforms in Singapore have seen at least five times more sign-ups during the pandemic. HealthPass by OCBC itself saw over 25,000 downloads within the first month of its launch in June this year.

OCBC explains that HealthPass aims to grow the network of doctors available for video consultation*. This is to help individuals obtain a diagnosis early instead of putting their health on hold while Singapore continues to battle the virus.

Where consultations require a physical assessment, individuals can visit the clinic or make appointments through the app and have follow-up sessions with the same doctor using video consultation. This helps patients and doctors better manage ongoing treatments or conditions with relative safety.

Health is wealth is the maxim by which HealthPass operates. Helping individuals across their various healthcare needs and reaching a diagnosis early is a key component of financial wellness.

This first-of-its-kind telehealth solution by a bank is backed by the services and expertise of seven healthcare partners: Singapore Medical Group, StarMed Specialist Centre, Thomson Medical, Faith Medical Group, OneCare Medical Group, Etern Medical and True Medical.

With HealthPass, OCBC hopes to help Singapore residents choose health.

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To help manage healthcare costs further, OCBC covers the first video consultation with a GP on the HealthPass by OCBC app when you sign up.**

Not sick? An app for good days too

Choosing health goes beyond medical needs. HealthPass also offers discounts on wellness services from leading merchants covering dental, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) services, vision and even naturopathy packages. There are more than 100 merchant offers for wellness products and services to meet every need.

HealthPass by OCBC is available for download on Apple or Android devices updated with the latest operating system software. For more information, visit

* A video consultation is not for emergency or acute cases. Users with acute conditions or those consulting on mental health are recommended to seek emergency help or see a doctor in person at the clinic. Certain symptoms or specialist consultations may require users to visit the clinic in person for the first visit, after which follow-up visits may be suitable for video consultation.

** Terms and Conditions apply.