A bag to put unloved items for the thrift shop


I have a large plastic bag that sits on the kitchen floor.

In it, I place items that are meant for the thrift shop.

When it is full, I will take it over for someone else to make better use of the stuff and, in this way, I keep the clutter in my kitchen down.

I have written on this topic before but kitchen clutter is an unending task that needs as many useful tips.

The underlying principle - everything has a place in the kitchen but it is finite.

I limit my shelves for recycled jars to two. Beyond that, the jar is put into the recycling bin.

And each time I buy something new, another must be donated or binned.

This is a daily effort, hence that plastic bag so that every unnecessary item is placed there immediately before I change my mind.

Really, life is too short to keep all these unloved items. Stuff in that bag now includes:

Duplicates: Five identical corkscrews found in my wine accessory drawer, umpteen plastic spoons used to eat kiwi fruit with and plastic orange peelers.

Outgrown: My son's kiddy plastic ware. He is already 42 and I don't think he needs them anymore.

Unloved stuff: Free mugs and other cups, never used because they never seemed "right".

• Items that no longer work: A "non-stick" pan that now sticks, chipped enamel ware, mangy tea towels, burnt oven gloves and anything with a missing part.

Sylvia Tan

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