Growing interest in electric vehicles: What's next for Singapore?

Singapore saw a sharp increase in its electric vehicle population in 2021. The Straits Times examines what electric vehicle adoption could be like in the future, as well as potential humps that can trip up the journey to owning such vehicles. 

Electric vehicle population in Singapore more than doubled in 2021

Singapore's electric vehicle (EV) population more than doubled last year, growing from 1,397 vehicles in end-2020 to 3,713 vehicles in end-2021.

Spurred by government incentives, a wider selection of models and the arrival of American automaker Tesla, this growth spurt was largely driven by a sharp increase in the number of electric cars - particularly in the second half of 2021.


2025 could be tipping point for electric vehicle adoption in S'pore, say motor traders

There has been increased interest in owning electric vehicles (EVs) from a wide range of customers here, but motor traders say 2025 may be the year when the adoption of battery-powered cars really shifts into high gear.

One distributor estimates that sales of its EVs to internal combustion engine (ICE) cars could even reach parity within the next three years - a prediction on the high end but one that would be in line with the Government's sustainability goals.


Challenges and uncertainties of owning an electric vehicle in S'pore

For industry observers, Budget 2021 was a key point where Singapore'e electric vehicle (EV) dream really got into gear. The Government provided more generous incentives to reduce the cost of owning an EV. Dealers too have brought in more models.

But challenges remain in wider adoption. The Straits Times looks at three potential humps that can trip up the journey towards owning an EV.


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