Good Samaritans: Tampines MRT station staff help pregnant woman who was bleeding profusely

(From left) Madam Rosnah Hitam, Ms Siti Rohaniza Muhammad with her newborn son, Mr Alan Lim and Mr Sadick Sahibappa on April 8, 2021. ST PHOTO: GAVIN FOO

SINGAPORE - Ms Siti Rohaniza Muhammad was at Tampines MRT station on March 13 when blood gushed down her legs.

The 27-year-old immediately knew that she was in danger but her thoughts were for her unborn child.

The expectant mother had been diagnosed with anaemia and placenta previa - a condition where the placenta covers the mother's cervix - and knew from past experience that the bleeding would be hard to stop.

Luckily, she was accompanied by her 63-year-old mother, who quickly rushed down the platform to get help from MRT station staff.

"I told my mother I couldn't sit down as I was bleeding. Of course, I felt a bit scared and the amount of blood was a bit shocking to me," said Ms Siti, now the happy mother of a healthy baby boy.

"We were really lucky to be on the platform and not on the train. We are so thankful for the staff's help because every second mattered," she added.

On Thursday (April 8), two of the SBS Transit staff who had reassured her, got her a wheelchair and called the ambulance visited Ms Siti in her Simei home.

It was a much more lighthearted meeting than their previous encounter, with Ms Siti's family putting out curry puffs and drinks to thank the staff who came to their aid.

Still visibly shaken, Ms Siti's mother, Madam Rosnah Itam, spoke only to quietly add some details to her daughter's account during the home visit.

She had carried a hamper along with a handwritten card to Tampines MRT station to thank the station staff after her daughter was safely hospitalised, and noted with pride that baby Muhammad Irfan Nufayl Muhammad Ismail is her fourth grandchild.

Although he was born prematurely, he is healthy but slightly smaller than other full-term babies.

Tampines MRT station manager Alan Lim said Ms Siti had behaved extremely calmly and it was Madam Rosnah whom he had to calm down.

Mr Lim, 63, said: "(Ms Siti) was actually worried about dirtying the station and kept apologising for making a mess. Madam Rosnah was the one panicking."

He added: "We are quite well trained in such situations, so I made sure they were relaxed. About 20 minutes later, I waved them goodbye when the ambulance drove off."

Both he and 40-year-old Jahaber Sadick Sahibappa, a senior assistant station manager who also visited Ms Siti, said the incident was the most dramatic moment of their career with SBS Transit.

They had both told their families about the incident on the day, and were glad that they were able to help on a Saturday afternoon, when so many commuters were coming and going.

Ms Siti, who works in marketing and communications at the Land Transport Authority, said: "I wanted to let them know that we really appreciated the help. Coming from a transport-related line of work, I know how these small things will motivate transport workers."

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