Fur real! Rare breeds, dog dating and fluffy rabbits on show at Pet Expo

SINGAPORE - Four rare dog breeds posed for the cameras on Tuesday at a preview of the Unique Pet Breed Showcase, one of the highlights of the Pet Expo to be held from March 20 to 22.

From left is the Leonberger Snuffy with Sara Mae Azhar, 12, Bernese Mountain dog Sam with Sophie Inez Azhar, 15, teacup poodle Bahu in the swing, and Newfoundland Bennett, with Donna Chew, 29.

These breeds, posing with their owners, are just a few of the special animals that will feature at the events Unique Pet Breed Showcase on Saturday.

Other stars will include a Chinese Crested dog, a Bedlington Terrier, an Alaskan Klee Kai and a Bengal cat.

Popular blogger Xiaxue will also be present with her Holland Lop rabbit, Igloo, to judge the 'fluffiest rabbit' contest.

A hundred dogs will also be set up on 'dates' at a speed dating event to be held on the second and third day.

Potential adopters can get to know the dogs put up for adoption by animal shelters in parks set up by organisers.