Fun snacks and fab finds at Chinese New Year bazaar

From durian bak kwa to nasi lemak cookies and a giant God of Fortune balloon, Straits Times journalist Alyssa Woo discovers some yummy goodies and unusual finds at the popular Chinese New Year bazaar in Chinatown.
SINGAPORE - Local flavours have made their way into this year's Chinatown bazaar.
Surprise your tastebuds with durian flavoured bak kwa or try some nasi lemak cookies that have hints of anchovy, coconut and chilli goodness. 
The coconut rice dish also appears in the form of nuts, alongside a hearty serving of mee goreng nuts, essentially muruku with green peas. 
Apart from the unique snacks, novel decorations have also entered the scene. And it seems this year, bigger is better. 
Sitting atop a stall near the entrance to the Chinatown Food Street is a humongous inflatable God of Fortune. It costs a small fortune too - $288 to be exact.