Former MP Png Eng Huat shares how he got dad, 92, to take Covid-19 jab, urges other seniors to do so

There are around 77,000 seniors who remain unvaccinated. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - In a bid to encourage more seniors to go for Covid-19 vaccination, former Hougang MP Png Eng Huat has posted a video on Facebook in which he shares his experience convincing his 92-year-old father to get the jabs.

Speaking in Hokkien, the Workers' Party member highlighted the importance of getting elderly people vaccinated, saying their family members could inadvertently spread the coronavirus to them.

Those who are uncertain about their eligibility can speak to their doctors and get advice on their medical condition if needed, said Mr Png in the video, which was posted on Tuesday (Oct 12).

There are around 77,000 seniors who remain unvaccinated, said the Ministry of Health last Friday.

"My father is 92 years old and he doesn't like to see the doctor. He doesn't like to take Western medicine and does not like injections. My father insisted that since he doesn't go out of the house much, there is no need to get vaccinated," said Mr Png.

"But we, his children and grandchildren, continue to go out to work. We may inadvertently spread the virus to him and put him in danger."

He added: "If he gets infected with the virus and has to be hospitalised, it will be very dangerous for him, (and) it will be difficult for his children and grandchildren to keep him company while he is hospitalised."

Visits to hospital wards have been suspended since Sept 24 for four weeks, amid the growing number of daily Covid-19 cases.

"If he gets vaccinated, it will be safer for us to take him out for meals and even for his haircut. Just last week, we took him to get his first dose. In two weeks' time, we will be taking him to get his second dose. Some senior citizens have already taken their third dose of the vaccine," said Mr Png.

Last Saturday, people aged 30 and above were invited to get their booster shots.

Booster doses can help increase people's ability to protect themselves against the coronavirus.

Mr Png said in the video: "Take care, everyone, and stay healthy. Hopefully, in the next few months, things will normalise and everyone can go out as a family again."

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