Fire breaks out on Jurong Island, ExxonMobil looking into incident

SINGAPORE - Energy giant ExxonMobil is looking into a fire that broke out in one of its Jurong Island refinery tanks on Saturday morning (March 23).

On Sunday, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it responded to the fire at 1 Ayer Chawan Place at around 9.45am on Saturday.

ExxonMobil's company emergency response team and the SCDF surrounded the affected tank with five large water monitors, which are high capacity water jets, to cool the exterior of the tank.

The fire was extinguished around 45 minutes later, with no injuries reported.

Both the SCDF and ExxonMobil said that at the time of the fire, the tank was empty and undergoing maintenance.

The Straits Times understands that the fire involved some residual asphalt which was inside the tank.

ExxonMobil's spokesman said all personnel have been accounted for and the company regrets that the fire occurred.

The company is looking into the cause of the incident.