Feedback from the public wanted for online portal to help couples and minimise impact of divorce: MSF

The portal will consolidate information and resources that divorcing couples will find useful. PHOTO: PEXELS

SINGAPORE - In an effort to better support couples - especially those with children - contemplating a divorce, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) is reaching out to the public.

Staring on Friday (Sept 25) and until Nov 28, the ministry will consult Singaporeans to better customise the content of a new online portal designed to provide information and support to couples who are considering ending their marriage, as well as content related to saving marriages.

It will engage 100 Singaporeans who have gone through a divorce, and also hopes to speak to citizens who have contemplated ending their marriages but decided not to in the end.

In a press statement released on Friday (Sept 25) morning, the MSF spokesman said: "By taking into consideration the citizens' suggestions and feedback, the Ministry hopes to better customise and refine the content of the portal so that it will help families achieve better post-divorce outcomes, especially in terms of supporting the children who are often the most impacted by divorce."

The portal is expected to be ready in late 2021. The MSF is also asking for suggestions on naming it.

The portal will consolidate information and resources that divorcing couples will find useful, including on matters related to the Housing Board and Central Provident Fund.

Among other things, it will offer self-assessment tools to help couples better understand their marital situation and their children's needs and an online counselling support service.

The MSF will be engaging the public through online questionnaires and nine engagement sessions, with in-depth discussions on how the ministry can improve the portal's content.

After these sessions, the MSF will also work closely with the Syariah Court to make these resources available for Muslim couples at the Syariah's Court's online portal. The Syariah Court will work with the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis), partners and citizens to ensure that the resources remain relevant to the needs of Singapore's Malay Muslim community.

Ms Sun Xueling, the Minister of State for MSF, said in the press release: "As much as possible, we want to save marriages. But if there has to be a divorce, we want to enable informed decision-making so that parents can take into account the best interests of their child when planning. We hope to mitigate the long-term impact for all involved, especially the children."

The portal was one of the recommendations of the Committee to Review and Enhance Reforms in the Family Justice System.

Those wishing to give feedback can submit their name and contact details to

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