Feathery take on online greetings in the Year of the Rooster

Photos of roosters have proliferated on the Internet.
Photos of roosters have proliferated on the Internet.PHOTO: REUTERS

SINGAPORE - Feathers are flying online as the Year of the Rooster approaches.

Photos and videos of roosters and native junglefowl have proliferated on the Internet as people post their New Year greetings on social media.

Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong posted on Tuesday (Jan 24) a photo of a family of chickens who live at the open field next to the Central Fire Station.

"A timely reminder of the importance of family, even as we busy ourselves with shopping and chores during this festive season," he said.

In response, a few of his followers replied with photos of wild fowl they spotted around Singapore.

The red junglefowl, which is native to South-east Asia, India and Southern China, is the wild ancestor of the domesticated chicken.

While it looks like a chicken, it can fly much higher, to the tops of trees.

In Singapore, they can be spotted at many areas including Pulau Ubin, the Singapore Botanic Gardens and in some residential areas.

Many others are posting "alternative" chickens, such as the 13m-tall festive rooster lantern gracing Eu Tong Sen Street, and even a robotic chicken.

Meanwhile, the "Trump chicken" rules the roost in China.