F&B licences for 3 former nightlife operators revoked over multiple Covid-19 breaches

3 Kings Pub played music, and failed to ensure one-metre safe distancing between customers. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF SUSTAINABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT

SINGAPORE - The licences for three food and beverage operators, which had previously been nightlife establishments, have been revoked for multiple breaches, said the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE).

In a statement on Thursday (July 15), the MSE said that the 3 Kings Pub in Lucky Plaza, DMAX in Beach Road and Peony Garden Food House in New Bridge Road - also known as Club Diamond - had breached safe management rules.

Among other things, the outlets had failed to minimise interaction between staff and customers, allowed groups of more than two people to sit together, and played music.

"They must cease operations with immediate effect," said MSE.

It noted that this is the first time food and beverage outlets have had their licences revoked for breaching safe management measures since an enhanced penalty framework was implemented in May.

The MSE also said that 11 premises were fined between $1,000 and $2,000 each for breaching safe management measures.

They include the Food Republic foodcourt and the Haakon outlet in 313 Somerset, Plentyfull Deli and the &Joy Dining Hall in Great World City, Ristorante Luka in Tanjong Pagar and the Yue Yu Restaurant in Geylang.

These breaches included seating groups of customers less than 1m apart and allowing groups of more than two individuals who were not from the same household to be seated across multiple tables, and allowing consumption of alcohol on their premises beyond 10.30pm.

Twenty-four individuals have also been fined $300 each for gathering in groups larger than the permitted group size while dining at various food and beverage outlets, and seven staff were fined $300 for failing to wear masks, added the ministry.

MSE said that while nightlife establishments have been allowed to pivot temporarily to food and beverage from October last year, a number of establishments continue to operate nightlife activities, which are currently prohibited.

These include employing hostesses or permitting freelance hostesses to serve and drink with multiple groups of customers.

Other common breaches committed by these operators include failing to prevent large groups of patrons from intermingling, and allowing live entertainment as well as games.

MSE stressed that safety measures must be strictly adhered to by premises owners and individuals.

"Agencies will not hesitate to take firm enforcement action against operators and individuals who flout safe management measures," it said.

Club Diamond (left) failed to minimise physical interaction between staff and customers while DMAX allowed groups larger than two to sit together. PHOTOS: MINISTRY OF SUSTAINABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT

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