Family and friends bid farewell to NSF firefighter Edward Go at ceremonial funeral in Mandai

The late Sgt (1) Edward H. Go’s father Daniel leaving Mandai Crematorium with his wife Helen (left) and daughter Rachel. Mr Go is holding a box containing the state flag that was earlier draped over his son's coffin. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM
SCDF personnel saluting the hearse carrying the casket of Sgt (1) Edward H. Go at Mandai Crematorium on Dec 13, 2022. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM
Pallbearers carrying the casket of Sgt (1) Edward H. Go at the Mandai Crematorium on Dec 13, 2022. ST PHOTO: GIN TAY
The pallbearers transferring the casket of Sgt (1) Edward H. Go to the SCDF hearse at Mandai Crematorium on Dec 13, 2022. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM
The hearse carrying Sgt (1) Edward H Go arriving at Mandai Crematorium on Dec 13, 2022. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM
Family and friends following the hearse carrying the casket of Sgt (1) Edward H. Go, on Dec 13, 2022. ST PHOTO: GIN TAY
Officers from Central fire station sending off the late Sgt (1) Edward H. Go from Trinity Casket at Sin Ming, on Dec 13, 2022. ST PHOTO: GIN TAY
Officers from the SCDF and SPF with their heads bowed in the last call for Sgt (1) Edward H. Go at Punggol Fire Station on Dec 13, 2022. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

SINGAPORE - The rain began to fall just as the flag-draped casket of Sergeant (1) Edward H. Go was placed into the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) hearse at Mandai Crematorium at around 1pm on Tuesday.

The casket was lifted by officers from the Central Fire Station, including those who had responded to the Henderson Road fire last Thursday in which the 19-year-old full-time national serviceman (NSF) with the SCDF died.

The pallbearers then moved the casket onto a carriage, which was linked to a Light Fire Attack Vehicle, more commonly known as the Red Rhino, for the ceremonial funeral procession towards a hall for the funeral service. The Singapore Police Force Band led the procession.

Following the hearse was an escort party comprising fellow SCDF officers, and more than 100 officers from the 1st SCDF Division lined the path towards the service hall for a ceremonial funeral for the fallen NSF firefighter.

He had earlier been promoted posthumously to the rank of sergeant (1), and an alarm rang across all 23 SCDF fire stations, the SCDF headquarters in Ubi, as well as five division headquarters and the Civil Defence Academy at an observance ceremony on Tuesday morning.

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On Dec 13, the funeral service for full-time national serviceman Edward H. Go was held at Mandai Crematorium. Earlier in the day, the firefighter was posthumously promoted to the rank of sergeant (1) and SCDF held an observance ceremony.

At around noon, a funeral service was held at Trinity Casket at 38 Sin Ming Drive, and the state flag was draped over the coffin bearing Sgt (1) Go before the cortege left for Mandai.

The commercial hearse arrived at the crematorium at around 1pm, and the casket was then lifted by the SCDF officers and moved into the SCDF hearse.

Family and friends of Sgt (1) Go had gathered inside the service hall.

Minister of State for Home Affairs Faishal Ibrahim and about 250 SCDF officers were present. Wreaths were laid by SCDF Commissioner Eric Yap, 1st SCDF Division commander, Colonel Firoz Ramjan, and Central Fire Station commander, Major Joe Ong.

Commissioner Yap presented the state flag to Sgt (1) Go’s parents, Mr Daniel C. Go and Mrs Helen Go.

The Last Post bugle call was sounded to signify the end of the late serviceman’s duty to the nation, and a minute of silence was observed to honour his memory. Sgt (1) Go was then cremated.

Family and friends were later seen leaving the service hall teary-eyed.

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Separately, Mrs Aw Meng Yin, vice-principal of Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), where Sgt (1) Go was a student, said it was a privilege to have known and called him one of their own.

She described him as respectful and unassuming, always wearing a smile on his face, with his teachers especially finding him to be a “young man who lived life with purpose and a strong sense of honour”.

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He was strong in mathematics, and a willing peer tutor to his classmates, Mrs Aw said. He also encouraged others to excel, whether it was in studies or basketball, which he played in lower secondary before he joined the school’s debate team, of which he was club secretary from 2018 to 2019, she added.

He was an avid lover of basketball and played the game with his former classmates the day before his death, Mrs Aw added.

“Edward will always be remembered and greatly missed by his schoolmates, the Class of 2019 4 Luke, as well as all his teachers, and we are deeply saddened by his passing,” she added.

The police band leading the procession during the funeral for Sgt (1) Edward H. Go at Mandai Crematorium, on Dec 13, 2022. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

Commissioner Yap said: “Today, we mourn the loss of our comrade – a brave firefighter – who died in the line of duty. We offer our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.”

“The late SGT1 Edward H. Go made the greatest sacrifice possible in service to the nation. He served the most noble of causes, to save lives,” he added. “He exemplified the highest standards of professionalism, dedication, and commitment to duty. We will remember him, and keep him in our hearts.” 

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