Falling air-con unit in Bedok: Foreign worker injured, Ministry of Manpower investigating

Mr Tun Win, a 41-year-old foreign worker from Myanmar, was injured by the falling air-con unit.
Mr Tun Win, a 41-year-old foreign worker from Myanmar, was injured by the falling air-con unit.PHOTOS: NG WEI KAI, SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

SINGAPORE - The man injured by a falling air-conditioning unit in Bedok on Tuesday (June 27) is reportedly a foreign worker from Myanmar currently waiting for the results of his MRI scan, while the company which the unit belongs to says it will work with the police and the Ministry of Manpower in investigations.

An MOM spokesman told The Straits Times on Thursday that it is looking into the incident.

The man injured in the accident, identified by Shin Min Daily News in a report on Thursday (June 29) as 41-year-old Mr Tun Win, is reportedly a supervisor at All Link Engineering.

He was shown in a viral video on social media lying on a stretcher and being tended to by Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers, with a dented air-con unit lying on the ground nearby.

The accident occurred at Eastlink Light Industrial Factory, a Housing Board (HDB) industrial estate.

Mr Tun Win told Shin Min that he was taken by surprise when the air-con unit fell.

"I didn't hear anything, and could not react at all," he said. "After I was hit, my mind was a blank and I knew only that I was hit by something very heavy and my head and neck hurt very badly. I fainted and woke up in the hospital."

He said his colleagues and supervisor visited him in hospital.

Asked whether he planned to look for the culprit and get his hospital fees paid for, Mr Tun Win said the case had been passed to the police and he could not comment.

ST understands that the air-con unit fell from a company on the second floor.

A spokesman told Shin Min that the company is investigating.


Said company manager Mr Huang, 40: "The company's two air-con units were blocked a week ago, and after they were inspected we were advised to change to new ones. Unfortunately when they were installing it, an accident occurred. We will cooperate with the police and the Ministry of Manpower in investigations, and if there is any negligence on our part, we will bear the responsibility."

SCDF told The Straits Times that it was alerted to the incident at around 5.40pm, and took a man in his 40s conscious to Changi General Hospital.

An eyewitness told ST that he had been walking along a hallway when the unit was dislodged and fell on him.

Said the 47-year-old who gave her name only as Madam Lam: "It was around 5.35pm when we heard a loud bang and a lady screaming."

A woman who was with him, identified by Shin Min as his colleague, started shouting for help.

Madam Lam, who works in the unit in front of the area where the man was injured, then called for an ambulance.

"Everybody rushed out to see what was happening, if we could do anything to help," said another person who works nearby but declined to be named.

The air-conditioning units in the building are bolted to metal platforms suspended above the walkway on the outer facade of the ground floor.

Although the incident occurred outside her unit, Madam Lam says that the air-conditioner did not belong to her company.

"Ours are quite old and of a different model, this one looked new," she added. "It could have fallen from another unit above. At least the air-conditioner did not fall on the man's head, and he was conscious. It could have been much worse."

ST has contacted HDB and the police for more information.