Fake video of Thursday's Tuas fire explosion spreads on social media

A video making the rounds on social media, purporting to be the Tuas fire on Thursday (Feb 23) morning, has actually been circulating since 2015. PHOTOS: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - The fire is real, but the video is fake.

You may have seen a video of a dramatic explosion purportedly of Thursday (Feb 23) morning's fire at a Tuas waste management plant.

But that same video was also posted on YouTube last year and in 2015.

The clip has been shared by many on social media, who labelled it an explosion in Tuas. Some sharp-eyed netizens have pointed out that the location does not look like Tuas.

The huge fire at ECO Special Waste Management, which did happen on Thursday, was put out after four hours.

At the peak of the fire that broke out at around 6am, explosions could be heard as firefighters fought to put out the fire involving chemical waste and flammable materials at 23 Tuas View Circuit.

But these were not the dramatic blasts shown in the video now being circulated.

A longer version of the same video was posted on YouTube by a user known as Ahmed Treiban in November 2015. He titled it "Chinese gas plant explosion".

Remote video URL

But other netizens pointed out in the comments that the video looked like a controlled explosion. One said that it was a film set.

"You can see the camera crane on the field?" said an eagle-eyed YouTube user known as Antero Vipunen.

In May last year, the same video was posted by a YouTube channel which called it "Caught On Camera - Chemical Plant Explosion".

This video by the Singapore Civil Defence Force, however, is real.

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