NEA weather forecast: Temperatures to hit 35 deg C on some days in next two weeks

SINGAPORE - When you're out during the next two weeks, take along an umbrella for shade.

The National Environment Agency's (NEA) latest weather forecast has predicted a scorching maximum daily temperature of up to 35 deg Celsius.

The temperature is much higher than the long-term average of 31.6 deg Celsius for March, as measured at the Changi climate station, which is used as Singapore's reference station.

In its forecast released on Monday, the NEA warned: "In the second half of March, generally fair and warm weather conditions can be experienced on some days, with maximum daily temperature in the range of 33 deg Celsius to 35 deg Celsius."

It added that short thundery showers are also expected, mainly in the afternoon, on four to six days, although the rainfall for the month of March is expected to be below average.

Most areas of Singapore had received below average rainfall in the first half of March. The northern and southern parts of Singapore, around Sembawang and the Marina Barrage, received the least rainfall, with only 9mm to 30mm recorded. This was 65 to 90 per cent below average.

The south-western part of the island received the most rainfall at 118mm to 143mm.