Expect thundery showers, highs of 34 degrees Celsius in the next two weeks: NEA

SINGAPORE - If you think the weather is hot now, be prepared for hotter days ahead.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has forecast that there will be a few days with temperatures reaching 34 deg C in the afternoon for the next two weeks. This is due to light wind conditions and sunny skies.

Based on long-term statistics, April is the warmest month in the year, added the agency, in its weather outlook for the second half of April.

People should also keep an umbrella handy, as Singapore is likely to experience four or five days of short thundery showers in the afternoon, and one or two days of thundery showers in the morning.

There might also be slight haze on a few days, especially in the early mornings, due to the accumulation of particulate matter under light wind conditions.

Although about two thirds of Singapore received below normal rainfall for the first fortnight of April, the NEA has said that rainfall for the entire month is likely to be near normal.