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Embracing sustainability and innovation

Ecolab was awarded the BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS Award for its commitment to environmental sustainability

A global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services, Ecolab has been dedicated to improving lives while protecting the environment.

The organisation provides companies with innovative solutions and services that help to make the environment cleaner, safer and healthier.

Ecolab was awarded the BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS Award for the environmental standards put in place during its move from its former location at InternationalBusiness Park to Jem, as well as the construction of the latter office. 

The office here doubles up as the company’s Asia-Pacific headquarters.

The BCA Green Mark Award recognises winners for successfully adhering to five requirements — namely, climatic responsive design, building energy performance, resource stewardship, smart and healthy building, and advanced green building efforts.

Leading by example

From the start, Ecolab made every effort to use materials with eco-friendly design strategies for its new office.

It also took pains to manage its resources effectively to build a smart and green environment in the office for its staff during its construction phase.

The company also ensured that its sustainability efforts were integrated in daily office operations to reduce its usage of water and energy — measures that are in line with Jem’s overall green replacement strategy.

As a result of these efforts, office workers and visitors at Ecolab’s headquarters and Jem respectively are able to enjoy working and shopping in a living garden within an office and retail complex.

Caption Ecolab's Asia Pacific Division office is located in Jurong East Mall, which won the BCA Green Mark Award (Gold PLUS) this year PHOTO: CHONG JUN LIANG

President of Ecolab’s Asia-Pacific region Sean Toohey says: “In alignment with our mission to create sustainable and eco-friendly environments to live, work and play in, Ecolab has designed a sustainable and enjoyable workplace where associates and future talents can do their best work.”

Green is the way to go

Promoting efficiency and environmental sustainability is at the heart of what Ecolab does.

Mr Toohey says: “Today, Ecolab is a global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services that protect people and vital resources. In Singapore, we work with multinational corporations, and small and medium-sized enterprises to help them protect their assets, reduce operating costs, conserve water and energy, and ensure safe food and healthy environments.

“We have manufacturing facilities that not only make products for the local market, but are exported to overseas markets.” 

He shares that one of Ecolab’s manufacturing sites, the Eastern Hemisphere Core Plant (EHCP) on Jurong Island, produces blends and intermediates for oil and gas companies across the region, reducing risks to customers and balancing Ecolab’s global capacity.

Protecting Mother Nature

Ecolab’s commitment to green design is evident in the solutions it provides to other companies.

One example of technology developed and deployed around the world by Ecolab is the 3D TRASAR.

In Singapore, the 3D TRASAR Clean-in-Place (CIP) technology is provided to global food processing companies to maintain food safety, quality and consistency. This is done across operations — through the monitoring and analysis of cleaning applications online.

In another application, the 3D TRASAR technology helped a local client that manufactures nutritional products to save 17,640 cubic metres of water per year by reducing the intake of fresh water and discharge of waste water.

Round-the-clock real-time monitoring and control also ensures the water quality and optimum performance of the cooling water system.

Quality, not quantity

To achieve its aim of creating a more sustainable future, Ecolab strives to reduce waste and keep the costs of energy and water usage at their lowest for customers. 

Says Mr Toohey: “Across every industry we serve, from hotels and restaurants, to food processing facilities and manufacturing plants, we partner with our customers to improve operational efficiency, safety, product quality and sustainability.”